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Prague-New York-Germany-Brazil


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N.O.H.A. family! We bring you a timely offering to add to your summertime soundtrack! Written by our fearless leader Philip Noha, “When the Summer Comes” began as most of our tracks do. Intended for Kaia or MC Chevy to sing, it was ultimately decided that Philip himself should make his vocal debut and put the extra magic on the track.
For the video, Philip also took it upon himself to portray the inspiration for the song: a previously sighted blind man who embarks on a familiar path, to experience his summer surroundings from this new perspective, and to again enjoy the “view” from his favorite secret spots, not only in his memory.
We hope you enjoy the trip with us.





Here’s a flashback of some of the amazing shows in past years



video "DINERO" Check it out!!




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